What We Do

Aidpage® - People Helping People®
People Helping People®

The biggest web community for informal mutual support - P2P as in people-to-people.

People Network®®

Our core social web technology platform.

Who We Are

Boby - writes software but strangely enough, still shows rather lively interest in other stuff too. Likes calling himself "Yane Sandanski" for no obvious reason.

Emil - likes calling himself "Architect" despite the fact that he is the author of the Anti-Architecture Manifesto.

George (a.k.a. CodeZilla) - writes software and has the ability (statistically rather common in our company - see Simon below) to inflict occasional [code] chaos.

Ivan - likes calling himself "The Wizard." True enough - give him a problem, a concept, anything - and he will, somewhat magically, produce a working solution.

Simon - without his insightful analytics and constant nagging, we'd be going nowhere. Proven ability to analyze business operations and find growth opportunities.

Steve - obsesses over design and usability - sometimes to a fault, though he would never admit that personally.

Valcho - writes software and does not get excited easily. We all thought JuiceTorrent was going to be huge when he said "Wow" a few times.


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